**Sunday’s Worship Service



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Sunday nights: 6:00 Bible Study
March 27, 7:00 Session
Continued prayers for Donna Black.  She is slowly getting better.
Prayers for the family of Wendell Appleby.
Continued prayers for Sierra, she is doing well.  She will be having them for the next 9 weeks.
Prayers for Nancy Hockenberry and Cade Hockenberry. 
                                                          Community Lenten Worship Schedule                                                                 All worship services begin at 6:30

March 21st: Lower Path with Pastor Dennis Stutzman

March 28th: Amberson with Pastor Devin Fink

April 7th:  Good Friday Doylesburg with Pastor Laurie Parsons

April 6th: Maundy Thursday Worship Service at LPV
April 9th: Resurrection Morning
Sunrise Worship at 7AM at Metal Twp Pavillion 
Continental Breakfast following.

 LPV Regular Calendar Events     

1st Wednesday Prayer Meeting at 7:00 at LPV

1st Sunday of the month -Building Fund Collection 

2nd Sunday  Trustees meet following morning worship 

3rd Sunday 10:15 Meet and Greet with a continental refreshments 

               3rd Tuesday Session meets at 7:00 

      3rd Saturday of the month Paper recycle

                                        4th Sunday of the month Food Pantry                                    


               Remember our shut ins.  

If you have someone to add please let us know.

If you are not sure of your salvation check out the page,

"How To Be Certain You Are Going To Heaven".

A Home Bible Study, "How to Grow in Christ", is Available for the Asking.