History of The Manse

History of the Manse and The Rev. J. Smith Gordon. "In October, 1857, the Rev. J. Smith Gordon was asked to speak at the Lower Path Valley Presbyterian Church. He came by stage coach and became a stated supply from 1857 - 1858. The congregation was so enthused by his sermons, he was asked to serve as pastor and was installed in June, 1858. Rev. Gordon was for many years one of the leading Ministers of the Presbyterian denomination in Franklin County, and had the unique record of more than 46 years of service over a single church, the Lower Path Valley Presbyterian. The longest pastorate of any minister in the county at the time of his death in 1904, His death was a great loss to the church." In the early records of his ministry, Rev. Gordon recorded baptizing 265 children, 25 adults, and performed 155 marriages during the first score of years of his ministry here. On Dec. 3 1885, for the sum of one dollar, J Smith Gordon and Margaret his wife signed over to the trustees of the Lower Path Valley Presbyterian Church the property on which the church is built. The present church was completed in 1886. He built the present manse. There is a bronze plaque at the front of the church which reads; "In memoriam Rev. J. Smith Gordon Pastor of Lower Path Valley Presbyterian church 1858 - 1904".